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The City Council and staff welcome citizen involvement and supports advisory committees and boards to provide needed perspectives and advice on specific service areas.  The public is always invited and encouraged to attend all advisory committee meetings. For most positions, no special background or qualifications are needed. We want your enthusiasm, viewpoint, and thoughts. Young people...

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The City of Tualatin Oregon Official Website
The people of Tualatin have long seen the health of our tree canopy as vital to our sense of well being and as a defining characteristic of our community.
The Tualatin Arts Advisory Committee (TAAC) offers small contributions to outside arts agencies in Tualatin each year. Eligible organizations include agencies, organizations, independent group
The City of Tualatin, Oregon Official Website
The City of Tualatin celebrated its 100th birthday in 2013 and two pieces of public art were selected to commemorate the Centennial.  This artwork was a gift to the community fr