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Southwest Corridor

Southwest Corridor

Is Light Rail or Bus Rapid Transit Coming to Tualatin? 

Do you wish light rail came to Tualatin? If so, would you want it to come to downtown Tualatin or Bridgeport Village? What about bus rapid transit? Would that be cheaper? Would it transport enough people? What are the impacts of either option? Are there benefits? Like most people, you might have answers to some of these questions, but also wish you had more information. 

For a couple of years, TriMet, Metro, and the Cities of Portland, Tigard, and Tualatin have been discussing a potential new light-rail transit (LRT) or bus-rapid transit (BRT) line connecting all three cities. In Tualatin, additional effort was made in evaluating a range of transportation projects through our local Transportation System Plan Update and Linking Tualatin Plan.  However, more information is needed before any decisions are made.

While this planning project represents a possible new future for Tualatin, a potential LRT or BRT line could change Bridgeport Village and downtown Tualatin. A new transit line would provide additional connections between Tualatin and Portland, but there could also be local impacts. The region is still in the early stages of conceptual planning and the City of Tualatin is at the table to provide a voice for local residents and ensure any future project fits within our community vision.

As part of the evaluation process, options will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Capital cost
  • Property impacts
  • Environmental impacts
  • Future development potential
  • Traffic, bike, and pedestrian impacts
  • Transit performance (ridership, travel time, etc.)

The potential options in Tualatin include a station at Bridgeport Village and downtown Tualatin traveling along Boones Ferry Road. A decision to fund and build a future high capacity transit line is several years away, if that’s the community direction.  Prior to the construction of any alignment, Metro and TriMet need to complete a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).  The purpose of the DEIS is to determine which alignment, if any, is most preferred based on the benefits and impacts.  

If you would like to provide input on this planning effort visit, follow the project on Twitter @SW Corridor or comment on Facebook/SWCorridor.