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Pharmaceutical Disposal

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A pharmaceutical drop-box is installed inside the lobby of the Tualatin Police Department, located at 8650 SW Tualatin Road. The drop box allows citizens to dispose of unwanted, unused or expired medications. The Tualatin Police Department is pleased to provide the community this added convenience.

This was all made possible by Tualatin Together, a local community coalition. Its members work with the community to educate youth and parents about the risks involved in underage drinking and drug use, reduce the access and availability, and provide positive activities and adult support that will help our youth make good choices.  Additional information can be found at

Tualatin Police Officer Wes Girardi and a member of Tualatin Together, coordinated the project to create a custom drop-box that was created by the community it now serves. In an effort to save the city money and address a growing need, Tualatin Together purchased the old ballot box from the Washington County Election Division for little more than $100.  This is a substantial saving from many other drug drop-boxes used by local agencies that run close to $1000 per box. 

SoCal Speed Shop (Tualatin Auto Body) and their team of fabricators committed to donating their time to repair and fabricate the box to suit the needs of this type of collection box.  This included body work and paint.  Pacific Truck Colors (PTC) designed, manufactured and installed the decals to the necessary specifications.

The result is a beautiful pharmaceutical drop-box that is custom to Tualatin!  Now the community has the ability to drop off unused or unwanted prescription or over-the-counter medication all throughout the year.  Tualatin Police Department will see to it that it is disposed of safely and securely.

Tualatin Police partnered with the Drug Enforcement Administration over the past few years by participation in the nationally held Drug Turn-In events. It has become evident the community wants options to safely dispose of their unwanted prescription medications. The Tualatin Police Department and its community partners are taking steps to stop the disposal of medications by flushing them down the toilet or throwing them in the garbage.  It is our goal to decrease the chances of the drugs falling into the wrong hands or ending up in our water supply.

Proper and timely disposal of prescription medication reduces youth access and availability to narcotics that are subject to abuse.

• The pharmaceutical drop-box will be available during police lobby hours, weekdays from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.
• Acceptable items for return are prescription medications and samples, all over-the-counter medications, vitamins, pet medications, creams, ointments and liquid medications in leak-proof containers.
• The drop box is not suitable for thermometers, syringes, IV bags, bio-waste, aerosols of any type, inhalers and Epi-Pens.
• The drop box is not intended to receive large quantities of pharmaceuticals from health care facilities.
• Labels from prescription containers may be removed or covered with a permanent marker if desired.